A day in Miyajima


I recently had the opportunity to visit Miyajima, an island less than an hour away from Hiroshima. It is known for its red tori gate standing free in the water. I came hoping to see the gate and find a little serenity on top of its modest mountain, Mount Misen.

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Stream of consciousness and a hard time breathing


Reading on the train in Ikebukuro station. Spaced out. Come to 40 minutes later.

Still in the station.

Obvious delays I know.

Read some more. 20 minutes later I get off the train still in the Ikebukuro station.

Take a different line.

Spaced out again.

Come to and am amazed by the sight through the window. When’s the last time I’ve seen somewhere not right under my nose?

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Not poetry from my students

Sometimes some of my students write statements like poetry. Here is a small selection from an essay on WWII and Vietnam.


The first picture is about

Publick Ocean War.


And I felt an effort

to keep the war

that still continued as when

it must be the human.


If we started war again,

we can’t play baseball,

study English

and so on.




Two Days in Kyoto

Ahh, Kyoto.

Who doesn’t dream of visiting Kyoto while in Japan, especially during cherry blossom season? For me, this was my number one city to visit while living in Tokyo. I imagined this quaint city of wandering streets, of temples and geishas- a city known for its traditional elements. Tea ceremony and kimonos. Quiet reflection under the cherry trees. You know, a Japanese postcard.

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