Appreciation through absence

A short removal from Japan was all it took for me to truly appreciate it.

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Going to the dentist in Tokyo

Japan is notorious for painful dental care. I was not looking forward to my visit, even though it was a simple teeth cleaning.

After poking around a few dentists’ websites, with the help of a Japanese teacher I was able to find an English speaking dentist. Many advertise they have English speakers, but on the ground experience is teaching me that people lie about their ability.

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Stream of consciousness and a hard time breathing


Reading on the train in Ikebukuro station. Spaced out. Come to 40 minutes later.

Still in the station.

Obvious delays I know.

Read some more. 20 minutes later I get off the train still in the Ikebukuro station.

Take a different line.

Spaced out again.

Come to and am amazed by the sight through the window. When’s the last time I’ve seen somewhere not right under my nose?

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